Ray Kilby

RAY KILBY is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a member of BAFTA. He has both written and directed for film and television as well as theatre and radio. His credits include, ‘Never Play With The Dead’ and ‘The Haven’ , two feature films for for MBI. Single television dramas such as ‘Girls' Weekend’ ‘The Miller’s Tale’, and ‘Resurrection’ all for the BBC. He has directed series such as ‘East Enders’, BBC ‘Mile High’ and ‘Dream Team’ for BSKYB and many others. His writing/directing credits include, ‘Wilkommen’ and ‘More Than Love’ both series series for C4, the film The Token King starring Samantha Morton (Screenplay by C. Chakraborty from a short story by Ray Kilby) and plays for the theatre such as ‘Dirty Boggers’, ‘Boxed’, 'In The balance' and 'W For Banker', the latter two being co-authored with John Steinberg. He has also written for the radio.

Ray has won various awards and has been nominated for a BAFTA. His work has been seen both on television and at film festivals all over the world.

Ray is currently the course leader for MA Film at the London College of Communication.

Image: Ray Kilby

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